Do You Want to Maintain A Thicker Lawn at Your Yard?

Who will not like to have a green thicker lawn at their home?

If you want to transform your grass by using lawn top dresser and turn your thin and lacklustre grasses into a healthier and thicker grass then you need to use following wisdoms.

  • Avoid mowing wet grass. You can then leave sodden clippings clumps where they can smother thick grass beneath. Besides that, it can carpet underside of the mower deck with thicker mat.
  • Try to set the spreader at 50% of recommended dosage and also treat your lawn twice from the opposite directions. Then it may take twice the hoof work, but you can get much better distribution.
  • Always fill spreader on your driveway and not over thick grass.
  • You must accept that it is not possible to grow grass everywhere.
  • Give it up if you have ever tried to grow grass under shady spot.
  • Give your crabgrass 2nd crabgrass preventer and after 1 month of first treatment, apply 2nd to stop all the seeds which survived first treatment.
  • Every time rinse out the spreader, particularly after using fertilizer.
  • If you have got clay soil or heavy loam then aerate during the Fall. Just before fertilizing, aerate your lawn from both the directions. It can help in loosening the soil and also allow fertilizer to penetrate much deeper into soil.
  • For winter, offer your lawn good flat-top for just once in each year and set lawn mower to about 1.5 – 2” and try to clip it off which helps retarding mold during winter.
  • Try to water at least twice a day lightly the new seed and dampen the soil more often particularly during hot and windy weather. Try to keep watering for minimum 2 weeks and never miss any days.

  • During the fall try to rake up all downed leaves or all those soggy leaves that will suffocate your new sprouts during the spring and dead spots will be left all over the lawn.
  • Prefer to choose any “slow-release” fertilizers. Instead of feeding the lawn everything at once, prefer to allow the lawn getting snack over much longer period. Usually these fertilizers may cost little more but will be worth your added expense.
  • Avoid applying too much seed. It is better to achieve concentration of just 15 seeds/square inch. In case you exceed this, then you will get an overpopulated lawn having too many plants that will compete for nutrients and the sunlight.