Factors to Consider while Choosing Wall Sidings for our Exterior Walls

Siding that is also called wall cladding is a protective material that is connected to the exterior wall of a building or house. It forms first protection to the walls along with roof from natural elements like sun, rain, heat, cold, storm, and snow, thereby, giving a comfortable and pleasant environment inside the room of house or building. There are different kinds of natural and artificial materials available in market for sidings as they highlight your entrance. However, you also wish to consider material’s versatility, durability, and easy installation.

New Richmond is a town in Wisconsin, US, which experiences all kinds of weather around the year. If June is considered the hottest month, January experiences snowfall and August is filled with rain. Thus, siding in every building is exposed to these natural climatic conditions which make it obvious for people to increase its maintenance regularly. Just like painting walls and decorating homes, siding replacement in New Richmond is quite common.

All Exteriors is a home improvement company that is situated in New Richmond, but provide services all over Wisconsin and Minnesota. Services like siding, roofing, fencing, gutters, and windows are remodeled by them. They have been in hits business for the last 20 years and therefore, their experience and knowledge in this field cannot be doubted. Along with quality, they also provide warranty for their work and material used.

Here are few things to consider before replacing siding with old ones –

When to replace

As we all know, it is raining heavily currently in New Richmond with snow and no sun for heat, which keeps the walls moist all day. If your sidings are new, then you don’t need to worry about anything being damaged, but when you’re siding is old, seepage is common which can be seen through sagging wallpapers and peeling paints with rotten smell of mildew, germs, allergens, fungus, and bacteria.  Wooden sidings also rot easily inside which isn’t visible through naked eyes. The best way of checking if sidings are about to collapse is by knocking with hammer or piercing with screwdriver to check their life.

Right color selection

New Richmond experiences all kinds of season. This means dark shades of sidings will keep your home warm in winters, but also in summers. Light shades will look untidy in rainy season and when there is dust all over. Therefore, check the trend of your neighborhood and contact your architect to take suggestions. Always imagine shades that will compliment your doors and windows and wall paints


Material is the main component while selecting any product as it determines its durability. The best way to find out is by doing some research in your neighborhood. The architects, engineers, and contractors also help in this case when you have different climatic conditions at your place.

Choose a product that suits your budget. However, it doesn’t mean you can deteriorate the quality of the product. Siding is visible to everyone and it is the first thing that catches every eyes. Ensure that the product you select makes you proud.