Hire One Contractor to Deal with Restoring Damages and Remodeling of House

Natural calamities and emergencies like the bursting of water pipe, fire, etc. always bring us in a situation where we not only clean the messy house but also have to get it repaired. There are damaged walls, cracks on floors and windows, broken doors, everything has to be reconstructed. So instead of wasting money on restoration and reconstruction companies separately, look for a company that deals in restoration as well as remodeling.

Valley Restoration is a restoration and rebuilding company that reaches in no time to the damaged property to clean up the mess. They provide services like fire or water restoration, mold remediation, cleaning of carpet and HVAC air duct and asbestos, and radon mitigation. They provide services in the Western Slope of Colorado, four corners region of Colorado, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, Telluride, Ouray, and Ridgway. They are just a call or an email away to render restoration or remodeling services.

When you contact a general contractor they will just give you an estimate of the home’s exterior and interior work. They have got nothing to do with all the damage and insurance companies. However, when you contact a restoration contractor, they will analyze all damages before reconstructing it and will also help in collecting data for the insurance company. Thus, it is always wise to get a restoration company that happens to deal with remodeling as well.

Here are a few benefits of using the same contractor who can deal with restoration and reconstruction –

  • A contractor will give you one quote for all damages that have to be corrected. This helps in avoiding the hassle of different quotation form different people, just one quote and then leave the rest on just one contractor.

  • Contractors have many sources and they get the work done in no time. So, it is wise to contact just one contractor, instead of contacting various firms, looking through search engines, friends, and family for references, then getting quotations and negotiating.
  • Since so many people will be working at your place, you might get confused and have any queries. If you have one contractor, then instead of contacting different people, your point of contact will be one person for any queries.
  • Hiring two different companies for different services always creates a communication gap, which makes the work less efficient. Thus, keeping one person from the beginning to the end is always better.

While restoring the damage you can also make changes to your house as prevention measures. Old constructions can be given the latest model which is better for preventing calamity and emergency damages. You can take advantage of it by hiring one person dealing with both services.