How to Deter Deer from Attacking your Garden

Deer tends to do everything to get their hands on your flowers and vegetables. That is why you must know how to keep them from eating their way through your garden. Deer that are interested in your yard will hop the fence, ignore scare tactics, and show up like clockwork to eat your plants. One of the perfect ways to keep your garden safe is to fill it with deer-resistant plants that deer will avoid. But, you will also need physical deer deterrents like metal deer fence. Keep reading to know how to keep deer from attacking your garden:

Physical Deer Deterrents

Some items and obstacles will keep deer away from your gardens. The most obvious barrier is fencing; however, reflective surfaces and thorny branches can be also effective.

To keep deer out, install a fence that extends partly underground and not have gaps larger than 6×6 inches where deer can squeeze through or crawl under. The entire garden must be enclosed to prevent deer from going around the fence. Also, ensure the deer proof fence is at least 8 feet high. Keep in mind that some deer can clear an 8-foot fence unless obstacles like tree branches, angled netting, or thorny shrubs, prevent a take-off or landing place.

Moreover, consider draping shrubs and small trees that have garden netting. Also, you can utilize netting and metal stakes to make a temporary fence around a small part of your garden.  A lot of people use black deer netting to keep deer out if it is at least 8 feet. If this fencing length does not work for you, practice double fencing. For this, you will need to set up two lower net fences a few feet apart.

Noise Deterrent

Noise deterrents such as whistles and windchimes can easily deter deer. Also, deer try to avoid electric wires due to the humming sound they make. Other noise deterrents you can use include flags, radios, and noisemakers.

Deterrent Sprays

Some DIY deer-defying sprays for plants like hot pepper spray, rotten-egg and water, and soap spray and commercial repellent sprays can be used to deter deer. Just make sure to opt for organic deer repellent spray. Also, you can lure deer away by planting its favorite food in a remote area of your property, far from flower beds and gardens. This will save your most precious areas from deer invasion. But, this might not work for all, so you must be open about other options.