Reviewing The Bed Bug Treatment Options: A Guide For Homeowners!

Various kinds of pests can infest your home -roaches, rodents, ants, insects, and bedbugs. Bedbugs survive solely on blood, and while these pests are not known to carry the pathogens of serious viral & bacterial disease, bedbugs can be nasty and can affect your sleep. You may find signs like stained bed linens and pillow covers, and there can be rusty excreta on your furnishings. Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs can be found everywhere in house, not limited to just beds. There are varied means of bed bug removal, and in this post, we are reviewing some of the top options.

  1. Heat Treatment

Probably the most successful and effective means of removing bedbugs is heat treatment. In this case, the room is heated up to a particular temperature that gets rid of bedbugs and eggs. The treatment is also useful for killing mold and bacteria in the room. However, heat treatment is not always the ideal solution for every home. Extensive and prolonged exposure to high temperature can damage furniture and flooring.

  1. Vacuuming

If you have an extensive case of infestation and heat treatment is not an option, you can consider vacuuming. The exterminators will come over and use a powerful vacuum for your clothes, furniture, carpeting, which is useful for removing adult bedbugs, although the technique is not suited for eggs. Vacuuming is usually done as the final step of the cleanup process, after other methods have been used.

  1. Insecticides

Insecticides formulated for killing bedbugs are among the better choices for preventing an infestation. In fact, with good products, there is a lesser chance of re-infestation in near future.  Insecticides, contrary to what some people may believe, are usually safe for humans and pets, but talk in advance if you have specific concerns.

  1. Steam Treatment

One of the other treatments for bedbugs is steam. Steam causes these pests to come out of their hiding zones, making the process of extermination easier. Steam treatment is often considered to be safer than heat treatment because the process doesn’t damage furniture or carpets.

Final word

If you are looking for bed bug exterminators in Smithfield, select one that uses both steam and chemical treatments for the process. Ask for an estimate in advance for the job and make sure that the company is licensed, insured and experienced for the job. Call an exterminator today and you don’t have to wake up with bite marks.